When you want to mix and match patterns, here is how to combine them like a pro

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Dressing in a variety of patterns is a fun way to express your sense of style. There are a few basic rules to follow, whether you’ve never blended patterns before or have. This book will enable you to confidently create stylish outfits through an introduction to pattern mixing.

Coordinate colours first

Choosing items that share a hue is the first step in combining patterns. Even though every colour in each item doesn’t have to match, a single or two similar colours might serve to subtly link the designs. For example, you could wear a hint of blue floral skirt with a blue-striped top. This colour scheme will make your attire seem well-thought-out and prepared.

Choose varying patterns’ sizes

One excellent way to achieve this is to mix patterns on different scales. Together, a larger and smaller design prevents clashing between the motifs and gives a more balanced look. A big, stunning flowered blouse, for example, would look fantastic with a skirt with fine, delicate stripes. This variation in size gives your combination visual attractiveness without becoming overpowering.

Get the patterns in sync

You should balance your use of different designs to prevent your outfit from appearing overly crowded. A second piece should be less obviously cluttered and bold. You can use a subdued-patterned scarf or jacket as an accessory to a vibrantly printed shirt. This will let you change up your look without making competing patterns impossible to see.

Accessorize with neutral

You should mix patterns with minimal accessories. This includes choosing accessories, such as handbags and shoes, in solid colours that complement your outfit without adding any additional patterns. To help balance your look and highlight your patterned goods, use a white scarf, a beige pocketbook, or black shoes.

Methodologies and experiments

Learning to combine patterns best comes from practice and experimentation. Try a few different combinations to see which one suits you best. Move from basic designs like stripes and polka dots to more complex ones like flowers and plaids. You will get a sense of what patterns work best together and how to gradually balance them.

Mixing and combining patterns need not be intimidating. Putting together stylish and unique outfits will be easy for you with this simple advice. Remember that dressing is a way to express oneself; thus, have fun and don’t be afraid to try new things!

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